Participants want to be seen, heard and loved
A professional moderator will engage the participants: he knows what they want and need, and will make sure that they get it.

The moderator will provide interaction and connection. From stage to audience and amongst participants; online and on site. She will put the participants at the heart of the event, to make everyone truely join, learn and change.
A succesful meeting fuels on energy, connection and fun
A moderator is more than an MC. He creates a temporary tribe, with exactly the right atmosphere and culture to make the meeting succesful.

He knows how to keep participants fresh and alert. She makes sure people are connected and are happy to be part of the gathering; no matter if the event is festive or dead-serious.
Minds open. Learnings are digested and put into practise
An effective moderator is 100% objective-focussed; a leader servant. He understand what the goal is and how to get there.
Step one is to determine the desired outcome, followed by designing an effective program.

A professional moderator facilitates participants taking in new information, helps them digest learnings and secures the outcomes actually being implemented.
To make sure that things actually change for the better.
A seasoned moderator is like a chameleon
Your perfect moderator is a multi-talent, strong on content; who can shift tone, pace and style seemlessly.
He has a toolkit full of work formats, reads the group dynamic in a split second and adepts to any given situation.
We select you the perfect moderator, based on knowledge, skills and personality
We take into account more than just content. We also select on skills, because every single event calls for different qualities: interviewing, moderating a debat, throwing a party, facilitating playful formats and interactive conversations, etc.
One moderator will excell at one element, other moderators might be more skilled in other aspects of the trade.

On top of that, we take personality and style into account. Some target groups might feel an instant connection with a 'slick motherfucker', whereas other might favor a soft-spoken, friendly host.

You are genius!

I have never met so much energy, spread around on a stage. It was really great to work together and I hope we will cooperate soon.

Simone Mazzarelli CEO Ninetynine

Moderation is a crucial part of every successful event!

Partnering up with Masters in Moderation is practically a guarantee for an interactive and engaging event; they never seem to run out of creative ideas. I am proud to have gotten to know such great, open people.

Gorazd Cad Conventa Crossover Conference

A wide network of well-trained and efficient moderators

Masters in Moderation have been extremely reliable and consistent in connecting us to fantastic individuals. It has significantly improved the delivery and organization of our events. What I value the most is that they always listen, but are never afraid to push back.

Rahul Bhatia The Science and Information (SAI) Organization
  • Always the best match. Guaranteed!
  • Matchmaking by people who moderate on a weekly basis themselves
  • Assistance with effective, interactive meeting design
  • For any budget
  • Professional and customer-centric
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Together, we make the best match!

We know our moderators better than anyone. We understand your needs. We will gladly help you find the best solution.