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Alexia Colson-Duparchy

I try to combine smooth lawyering skills to a 'French je ne sais quoi'
Delhi 2020 ACD stage 3
Delhi 2020 ACD
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More about Alexia

Her professional experience as a lawyer and entrepreneur has helped her develop a sense for well-structured conversations and nuanced argumentation.
Her radiant personality allows her to bring vitality, engagement and entertainment to any meeting. Alexia is quick on her feet, processes information swiftly and does not shy away from an awkward question.

Alexia is personable, yet focused; respectful, yet firm. And spunky yet composed. Alexia combines flair with bright brains, making your event about content, true interaction and liveliness.

I absolutely love working with Alexia. Her sense of service is rare. She shows up with her great energy and warmth, and people immediately focus on what she has to share with them. I always know that she will deliver.

Melik Boudemagh CEO and co-founder of Hercule

I had the pleasure of working with Alexia to help facilitate an annual seminar with my teams. She tapped into her rich and varied experience, her expertise as well as her talents to lead the workshops and moderate plenary sessions in a professional and dynamic way.

Christopher Menard Head of Legal ENEDIS

Alexia’s engaging ways and wits will keep your audience distracted from their smartphones, her dynamism is invigorating (even on the 3rd day of a conference!) and her light French accent makes for a charming refresher.

J. Lively Founder of CSchool

Good to know

  • Moderates in English and French
  • Lawyer (trade & finance)
  • Founder and owner of B.right Brains Co
  • Author 'De l’art d’envoyer valser sa carrière'
Alexia protrait Eric Romand copie

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