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When people truly connect, there are no boundaries to what they can accomplish
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More about Perle

Perle weaves the beauty of connection into every facet of her work. She loves to create an environment where everyone feels heard and valued. With a keen eye for creativity and a holistic approach, she crafts connective moments that transcend traditional boundaries.
Perle challenges you to reimagine the possibilities of collective engagement, embracing co-creation, fostering the emergence of collective wisdom.

She has a passion for facilitating and designing experiences for large groups online as well as designing experiences that reconnect people in nature. Through emotional journeys, her experiences leave a lasting impact, inviting curiosity, energy, and playfulness. Perle will elevate your gatherings with her transformative facilitation and moderation style.
Perle works from a sound experience in a wide range of methodologies. Just as easy, she will design you a completely new and creative red line for the occasion. Her ultimate superpower? Asking thought-provoking questions that sparkmeaningful discussions and drive impactful outcomes.

Good to know

  • Experience designer
  • Seasoned facilitator
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