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Mike van der Vijver

Every participant has my personal attention
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More about Mike

Every human being counts. That is Mike’s basic attitude towards moderation and facilitation. When you take everyone seriously, it creates room for true connections, helping organisations grow in every sense of the word, solve problems and inject unbridled energy into the meeting and its participants.

Mike is a meeting designer, facilitator and moderator with over 20 years’ experience. He has a vast international experience, having worked in 25+ countries, and has worked in a wide variety of sectors. That allows him to place the meetings' dynamics in a broader context, creating unexpected new insights. Thanks to his sound background in intercultural relations he easily makes a genuine connection with every individual.
Moreover, as a meeting designer he has a toolkit, stocked with a myriad of work formats. If appropriate, he will pop out a new creative format - soundly prepared, in general; spontaneously if possible.

Meetings moderated by Mike are famous for true interaction & engagement between real human beings. Always at exactly the right tone of voice and with measurable outcomes.

Mike really worked the room, the dynamics were really good. Some particpants didn't want to believe that you are not from the sector. One of the members of the Sustainability Working Group said everyone he talked to loved it. I'm very glad that we included this different format in the programme.

A. Csiti CEDA General Manager

There are so many words I could use to describe Mike as a Moderator, but the ones that stick the most are Maestro, Conductor, Pied Piper, Silk Thread, a genius at keeping delegates entertained, engaged, and enlightened. Truly an umbilical cord between the meeting designer and the audience.

Layla Derraz Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

Good to know

  • Internationally renowned Meeting Designer
  • Author 'Into the heart of meetings'.
  • Trainer meeting design & facilitation
  • Consultant organisational culture
  • Languages: Dutch, English and Italian (all native)
Dagvoorzitter Portret VIERKANT 48

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