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Roxana Lupu

There's a story in everything, a hero in everyone
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More about Roxana

Roxana's dynamic presence on stage is complemented by a unique fusion of acting skills and academic background, seamlessly blending substance with compelling storytelling. Her approach strikes a balance between explorative seriousness and lighthearted playfulness, creating an engaging and memorable experience for the audience.
With a natural charisma that resonates effortlessly, Roxana establishes a connection that makes it easy for any audience to relate to her and eagerly follow her lead. Her ability to captivate and connect ensures that the audience is not just spectators but active participants in the unfolding narrative.

Events moderated by Roxana will take participants on unexpected journeys. The seamless integration of creativity and strategy elevates corporate content to the realm of storytelling, providing a unique and enriching experience that resonates long after the event concludes.

Roxana Lupu moderating Best Stay Event

Roxana has proven to be truly exceptional. She consistently captured the audiance's attention. Her background in acting and coaching undoubtedly added a special touch. Roxana’s emotional intelligence was evident, the special touch in spotting those who needed special attention was truly impressive.

Martina Lucić Čanak Best Stay event Director

It was evident that Roxana had a magical connection with the audience. Her authentic expressiveness and the passion she radiated immediately captivated the spectators. As she spoke, each word seemed to come to life through vibrant gestures and emotionally charged intonations.

Participant OMV Global Finance Meeting

Good to know

  • Experienced actress (stage and screen)
  • Speaks English, Romanian and French
  • PhD Drama, Pedagogy & History
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