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Sandy Nijhuis

I love talking to people, to make real and meaningful contact
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More about Sandy

Sandy is always engaged, involved and inclusive. Her light-hearted, yet serious business-approach makes everone feel welcome. She is energetic, constantly making connections with her audience and amongst participants.

As a result of many years of event management experience, she knows how to combine a perfect operation with exactly the right tone-of-voice. Everyone will feel free and invited to really párticipate. Like a chameleon, she will change her tone while still being Sandy.
Thanks to a thorough research and preparation, in combination with her bright mind, she's always come up with exacty the right question.

Sandy moderates the SAP Virtual Event

Good to know

  • Online moderator
  • Experienced event manager
  • Languages: Dutch (native), English (fluent), German (good-basic), French & Spanish (basic)
Dagvoorzitter Portret VIERKANT 20

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