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Otto Wijnen

Interaction and co-creation bring real energy!
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Otto question from jury
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Otto Wijnen in his 'fake speaker' role
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Otto luistert
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More about Otto

Otto brings energy to every group and topic imaginable. Participants can’t help but enthusiastically engage with this source of joyful curiosity. With 25 years of experience in various roles on stage, Otto knows the ins and outs of the profession. He intuitively understands what the audience needs and knows exactly how to strike the right chord.
As a natural entertainer, Otto easily connects with any audience, and as a people's person, he effortlessly goes deeper. He seamlessly combines fun with substance and tackles even challenging questions with a positive outlook.

Otto enjoys playing with language and humour, whether he’s on stage as himself or in roles like the ‘fake speaker’ during his ‘fake speech’. Networking and building connections are second nature to Otto. He effortlessly brings people together in a relaxed manner at any business gathering, whether it’s focused on content or informal.

Good to know

  • 25 jaar experience as fake speaker & event energizer
  • Certified speaker-coach
  • Specialised in online and hybride events
Dagvoorzitter Portret VIERKANT 23

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