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Rutger Mollee

Any moderator needs a hobby to pamper his ego. During events it's about the participants, not about you
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More about Rutger

Rutger is always in search of true connection. He's more concerned with human engagement, then he is with executing formats to perfection.
His interviews and interactions are always constructive, surprising and somewhat 'edgy'. His tone-of-voice is open minded, friendly and with full attention for his counterpart.

Rutger combines skills from a vast experience in communications consultancy, speaker coaching and stand-up comedy. That made him to be a versatile, flexible and goal driven moderator.

Good to know

  • Comedian at De Speld (Dutch satirical publications & theatre)
  • Speaker coach Speak2Inspire
  • Host online HomeBingo show (tailored to your organisation)
  • Trainer Workshop Mastering Moderation
Dagvoorzitter Portret VIERKANT 4

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