Frans Miggelbrink

Frans Miggelbrink

If you're not able to make true conenctions, you better stay home mister moderator
Moderator miggelbrink

More about Frans

Frans is always in touch with the participants. He interacts from start to finish, without much ado. They see 'the average guy'on stage and automatically feel at home.
But be aware: in fact, Frans is not average at all. Not many have the abbility to engage an audience, like he does. By making a real connection, by taking the edge of things. With his open, friendly and inviting presence he creates an atmosphere where everyone feels free to speak his mind. Frans will make the complicated stuff look easy. And will add profoundness and new angles to that what looks easy.

Besides being a moderator, Frans performes as live-columnist at meeting & events.

Good to know

  • Wrap-up columnist
  • Speaks English and German
  • Presenter/designer cultural festivals
Frans Miggelbrink

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