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Juraj Holub

I want to place the participants at the heart of the event
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More about Juraj

Juraj is an experienced meeting designer and moderator who places the participant at the center of every event. He designs events as if they were journeys, guiding participants through an engaging story.

During moderation, Juraj employs a range of participatory activities to bring the audience into the conversation. As a former Chief Meeting Designer at Slido, he is an expert in using engagement/polling/Q&A-technology to maximize participation, whether the group is 10 or 1000 people.
His style is bright, inviting and explorative. His tone of voice resonates with younger generations, as well as more senior participants.

With almost 10 years of experience in the technology industry, Juraj is well-suited for events that focus on technology, marketing, and the future of work.

Juraj on hybrid meetings

5 Icebreakers for virtual meetings

Good to know

  • Specialist on remote/hybrid teams & meetings
  • Former Chief Meeting Designer at Slido
  • Podcast-host 'Into the remote'
  • Multi-awardwinning Event Professional
Juraj Holub Headshot 2021 1 copy

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