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Olaf Bruns

Questions are my most powerful tool
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More about Olaf

Olaf Bruns is what you get, when a former punk gets into journalism. On the one hand, there's the inquisitive mind, always digging deeper in the search for understanding the world. On the other hand, there's the connector looking for opportunities to bring people together in making our world a better place.
With his bright mind and pleasant witt, Olaf manages to connect to any audience. He will simultaneously support ánd challenge them, striving to make any meeting or event successful.

Olaf thrives in open and international environments, always keen on getting his teeth into a new challenge. He's a team player with management experience, combining helicopter view with attention for details.
He moderated countless EU(-related) meetings & events, bringing new insights and facilitating progress.

Showreel Olaf Bruns

Olaf did a great job moderating EIGE’s online Gender Equality Index conference. His adaptability, engaging style and ability to remain calm under pressure greatly contributed to the success of our online conference

Bernadette Gemmell Respect at Work

I want to thank Olaf for his proactive and extremely professional contribution in organising our recent event, where Confcommercio's work on Urban Regeneration was presented. Olaf moderated the event, but his help was also precious in shaping it in a way that was attractive to the audience.

Francesco Cisternino EU Policies expert

Olaf did a brilliant job in moderating our 'High-Level Conference on Retail'. He leads panels in a gentle way – but with a firm hand, changing fluidly from English to French. Olaf's ability to trigger a meaningful dialogue and interact with the audience is outstanding.

Damir Hajduk Head of Unit

His concentrated style of moderating – challenging the panelists and steering the debate with well-placed questions – made the event memorable and productive. Olaf is full of energy and, listening carefully, ready to interact with a lot of unforeseen ideas

Margeaux Rouchet Lille en Commun

Good to know

  • 20+ years in journalism
  • EU-politics & -policy expert
  • Anthropologist/sociologist (specialism: use of violence in a political context)
  • Languages: German (native), English & French (fluent), Dutch & Italian (good), Spanish (basic)
Olaf Bruns BT

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