Rajae El Mouhandiz Charlotte Apituley 2

Rajae El Mouhandiz

Universal similarities are my focus; not the differences
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More about Rajae

Rajae is multi-faced talent and a multi-talented face; as a person and therefor as a meeting-moderator. Her roots are both in western society and her Islamic background.
She combines quite naturally creative arts on the one hand with corporate enterprise and entrepreneurship on the other.

She always searches for the positive; in herself, others and in organisations. To her, it’s about growth, evolution and getting to know each other. Meetings and events in het vision, are there to make things more beautiful, better and shared by all.
Rajae brings in creativity ánd a result driven approach. As meeting-moderator, she’ll make sure events are both effective and inspiring.

Rajae is at her best, when she's asked to bring the best out in people. Her favorite topics are: news, art, multi-cultural society, emancipation, integration, religion, diplomacy, civil society, media, international busines and charity.

Good to know

  • Singer, speaker, curator
  • Artistic leader Dutch Hijabi Monologues
Rajae El Mouhandiz Charlotte Apituley 2

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