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Masters in Moderation will help you find the best suited candidate. We select your perfect moderator on the basis of four criteria: required skills, personality, type of meeting and relation to the topic

In addition to the moderator, several elements determine the overall success of your meeting: event management, speakers, venue, hospitality, audio-visual projection and registration etc.
We have a whole range of 100% professional suppliers at your disposal.


We will find you the perfect candidate(s), on the basis of our tried and tested selection methodology. Working with our professional moderators wil bring you a clear added value, consisting of:

Maximum ROI: Once you’ve defined the objective of the meeting, you'll want results. You'll need someone on stage to make these wishes come true. In defining goals for meetings, we use the Event ROI Institute Methodology.
Better meeting design: Our moderators know from experience what does work and what doesn’t. They can help you sharpen your programme and choose the most effective format for every step of the way.
True engagement: Our moderators will help you find a balance in information, interaction and inspiration. Your participants will truly participace, enhancing the value of the proces and the learning experience.
Effective interaction: getting people to talk and listen is one thing. To make them actually achieve something is another. Our moderators can make the differerence, effectively choosing the right tone, pace and style.
Analytical and impartial: A professional outsider is in a position to ask the awkward question the insider will avoid. A laymen's view will bring new perspectives, something the expert on the subject will not be able to produce.
Right atmosphere: Seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing what is happening in the audience and on stage is crucial to any meeting. This combination of experience and empathy is only found in the seasoned professional.


Objectives have to be translated into an effective programme. Our moderators will gladly help you choose the best interaction formats and the most effective structure. When required, we will cooperate with the world's best meeting designers at MindMeeting

Whenever appropriate, we will design original formats for your meetings and breakout sessions. On other occasions, existing concepts will do the trick. We will gladly email you an overview of our offerings.

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More and more, meeting are becoming integrated components of a process. And with it, online engagement is becoming ever more important. We offer several services:

Hybrid moderation: we bring the rest of the world into your meeting and your meeting into the rest of the world. Several of our moderators are experienced online presenters. In cooperation with Live Online Events, we can take care of the full hybrid part of your meeting.

Social Media Management an expert on social media cooperates with the moderator, making social media an integrated part of the meeting. He is also able to host the social media stream pre and after the event.

Social Media  & Event Tech strategy: How Can I Be Social.

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Masters in Moderation coaches people: individually and in groups; beginners and professionals, in-house and in open workshops. Take a look at our offerings.

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Over the years, we have watched a great many speakers perform. We will gladly share our network. And if we don’t know the right speaker for the occasion, one of the agencies we cooperate with will.

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Our moderators can assist your (internal) speaker in refining their key message and aligning it with the programme of the meeting. For a full and thorough coaching of your speakers, we endorse our moderator Kim Coppes or the Dutch Presentation Institute.

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We cooperate with many great and professional eventmanagers. They can help you with seperate tasks, like technical support, hosting & hospitality, organization etc. Or they will act as an one-stop, full service partner. 

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Our network offers you a variety of professional AV-options: projection, registration and video clips (pre, in and after event)

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