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For the past year, we lived in the 'new normal' of online meetings. There were some serious downsides to that, but it also taught us a lot of new stuff. Although we desperately want to return to stage and although we can't wait to physically meet again, our deepest wish is NOT to go back to the 'old normal'!

We all know how valuable live-meetings are. Yet, let's not pretend all pre-Covid meetings and events were perfect. Once we are allowed to return to stage, we have thé opportunity to do better and to put the Covid-learnings into practise. We would like to take the online-experience back to stage.

Let's make it more fun
Online, we were forced to put extra effort in engaging participants and to fight Zoom-fatigue. We came up with fresh formats, designed interactive meetings and should be proud of doing so.
We would love to take this approach to the physical environment. Can we please stop programming endless speaker line-ups and copying formats that are way past their date? Let's take the long way home and from now on only design fresh meetings and events.
Wanna know how? Take a look at our workshop Interaction Design (level 1).

Let's make it more personal
Online, we had to work harder to make a true connection to participants. Because that is what it takes to really engage them. We learned how to show the lonely viewers that they were seen and loved. We found ways to turn groups of individual, remote delegates into a 'temporary tribe'. That valuable experience is worth bringing to stage.
That is exactly what we teach our students, on stage and online.

Let's make it shorter
Online, it's harder to keep concentrated and productivity goes down more rapidly. We found that shorter - maybe in combination with more often - in many cases is better. At the same time is turned out that long isn't always bad, as long as you design for it.
So let's continue to make conscious decisions!

Let's dive deeper
Online, a conversation is only valuable, when everyone is truely involved; when there's wholesome content and everyone's engaged. Let's make that the standard for physical meetings and events too: participants do really participate.
Especially for that purpose, we designed our tool ConsensIQ. Both on stage as on screen, it will bring you deeper dialogue and better decisions.

Let's make it more effective
In many cases and to everyone's surprise, many online meetings turned out to be more effective. So please, don't throw away the online option, once we are allowed to go physical again. Let's celebrate having a brand new option in the toolbox and let's stay online, when that's the better option!

Let's make it better
The pivot to online showed us - once again - how important great meeting design is. Conscious choices make any meeting better; conscious choices on objective, workformats, line-up etc.
Wanna know how? register for the workshop Interaction Design (level 2)


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