Participants of events won't accept 5 minutes of Q&A or an endless row of speakers, these days. They want to truely participate and they want to matter! These fully interactive workshops help you to change meetings, from speaker-oriënted to participant-centric.
We teach you how to make formats more active and how you can get participants to be more involved. Easy, accessible and with no extra costs.

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Level 1

We will help you investigate and experience how interactive formats make your traditional meetings more fun, more energetic and more effective.
You will learn which posibilities/tools to choose fromand how to use them. In that way you will help speakers share their information more effectivily and ensure that the participants process and apply the learnings better.

We work with a maximum of 15 participants per trainer.

Topics will be:

  • Alternatives for speakers: other formats to inform and inspire
  • Conversational formats: panel, talkshow, interview, campfire, open space, world café … which do you use and how?
  • Interactive work formats: bodyvoting, buzzing, storytelling, networking, peer2peer formats ... get participants active and in contact with each other
  • Networking & co-creation: participants get to know each other and help each other
  • Micro-moderation: easy and quick engagement with participants;
  • Location and venue set up: which venue and which room set up works best?

Level 2

In this in-depths workshop, we work on one of your own formats (preferably one that is still in development). You will go home with a firm base for a revised program, that is going to be engaging, energetic and effective

For a maximum result, we work with a maximum of 6 participants per trainer.

Topics will be:

  • Setting objective(s): only with a clear goal, the format can be effective
  • Formats & tools: what has which function within the format? How do you define sub-goals? And which formats & tools will have the desired outcome?
  • Creative thinking: how to surprise yourself and your participants, while still being strong on content
  • Location and venue set up: which room and which room set up works the best in this case?

Who will teach?

Your trainer will be either Hans Etman or Jan-Jaap In der Maur

Is it something for me?

This workshop is suited for you if:

  • your employer asks you to organize and design meetings
  • you want to advice your client better about their format
  • you are a moderator and want to make better use of your expertise
  • you want to make better use of the power of interaction
  • you want to modernise traditional meetings

What does it cost?

Level 1 costs € 595 (plus VAT). The self-employed only pay € 395 (plus VAT)

Level 2 costs € 595 (plus VAT)

When is the next workshop?

Currently, no international workshops are planned, due to the Covid-situation.

We are open to discuss in-company trainings. Our workshops 'Online Moderation & Meeting Design' might be a good alternative.

Where can I ask questions or register?

Please contact or +31 646 113 994

Is this workshop also available in-company?

By all means! And we will gladly tailor it to your needs. A long list of organisations already worked with us.

Get in touch and we'll talk: