Moderation is a professional skill you acquire through experience. It’s all about interaction, interviewing, group dynamics, and leading discussions and processes. The best way to learn it is through plenty of practice and by watching the experts.

In a two-day training course with lots of individual attention, you will be trained by two seasoned professionals and you’ll practise every aspect of the profession under their supervision. Because that’s exactly what it is: a profession!

What are we going to do?

Practice, practice and practice even more. Practicing is the only way of mastering the job of being a moderator. In two intensive days we train all the basic skills of the job:

  • Chairing: How to structure a meeting? How to keep things moving and still go into depth?
  • Moderate: You will gain experience with techniques & tricks that will help you to bring participants get into real conversations with each other.
  • Interviewing: Whether you interview one person or you have a panel-discussion; an interview on stage is a discipline in itself.
  • Stage Presence: How is your appearance on stage and which vibe do you give your audience? You want to feel confident and move smoothly through the room.
  • Presenting: How to write good announcements & introductions? You’ll learn how to make content-driven choices, how to choose the right tone.
  • Meeting design: How to design a programme that helps achieve the objective of the day? How to define your role in it, being the moderator?
  • And a whole bunch of small, but very important tricks.
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What's in it for me?

In this fast-paced workshop you’ll get tips and immediate feedback from not one, but two seasoned professionals, who’ll be keen to share their knowledge and experience with you. In a select group you’ll gain a wealth of experience. Since there’ll be no more than 12 people in the group, every participant will get plenty of individual attention. By the end of the course you’ll have found out what the profession involves and how capable at it you are, and you’ll have taken a major leap forward.

We trained hundreds of people. 'Mastering moderation' is the most booked and (internationally) highest rated workshop about moderating.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more? Check our 'official website' or send an e-mail to

Who will be the trainers?

We always work with two trainers on a workshop.

Normally the trainers are the founders of this workshop: Kim Coppes and Jan-Jaap In der Maur.

On a regular basis Rutger Mollee and Hans Etman will also do an occasional session.

Is it for me?

This workshop is suited for you when you:

  • have some experience in moderating and would like to take it to the next level.
  • like to find out if you have the skills and talent for this job.
  • want to facilitate internal (management) meetings better.
  • work for the government and are responsible for coordinating public meetings.
  • are used to being on stage, in different kind of roles (speaker, entertainer, actor, etc.) and want to broaden your skills.
  • work in PR, communication or advertising and would like to moderate your own business events.
  • thoughtlessly said yes to moderating a meeting yourself and are now terrified by the propect.

What does it cost?

For a two-day workshop the cost are € 1340 (plus VAT). The self-employed only pay € 890 (plus VAT).

– The lunch, coffee, tea and cookies are included

– After the workshop, trainers will stay available for questions, as long as participants would like.

When is the next workshop?

Due to Corona, currently no workshops are planned. We are open to planning in-company trainings, though.
Our workshop 'Online Moderation & Meeting Design' might be a great alternative.

Where can I ask questions or register?

Please contact or +31 646 113 994

Is this workshop also available in-company?

By all means! And we will gladly tailor it to your needs. A long list of organisations already worked with us.

Get in touch and we'll talk:

Become a (better) moderator

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  • Highest rated workshop in the trade
  • Practice, practice, practice...
  • Small groups, personal attention
  • Directly applicable skills