In this workshop, we'll show you the way in the wonderful world of online events: energetic moderation and effective design of engaging workformats.
You will learn how to activate a group and how to be in charge; even from behind your screen.

Online just as much as in the physical space, participants want to be seen, heard and loved. The want to play a real part in the events, to have fun and to contribute to a tangible result.
You will have to make them feel truely connected; of being part of a 'temporary tribe', even when on screen.

Alfred rowe FVWTUOIU Zd8 unsplash

(Picture by Alfred Rowe on Unsplash)

We will practise the moderation of virtual groups and dive into making online meetings energetic and interactive.
We will touch upon four topics, spread over two (half) days.

On day 1 we will practise:

  • Opening/closing
  • Basic moderation
  • Various (sometimes hard) situations
  • Your camera-presence

On day 2 we'll dive into:

  • Interaction formats
  • Design of an effective program (timing, length etc)
  • Choice of platform/tools/team

Who will teach?

Your (online, obviously) trainer will be either Kjell Lutz or Jan-Jaap In der Maur

What does it cost?

Rates are € 395 (corporate) or € 195 (self-employed).

When is the next workshop?

On 10 & 11 June is the next session. Your trainer: Kjell Lutz

The workshop will run from 13h00-16h00 CET on both days.

Where can I ask questions or register?

Please contact or +31 646 113 994

Is this workshop also available in-company?

By all means! And we will gladly tailor it to your needs. A long list of organisations already worked with us.

Get in touch and we'll talk:

Want to participate?

Register (or get more info)!
  • Directly applicable learnings
  • Practice relaxed online moderation
  • Design interactive and engaging formats
  • Learn how to touch participants, even online