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  • Upcoming dates: This workshop will be planned upon request. Let us know, when you're interested. Duration: 4 hours.
  • Investment: € 395,= (+VAT), including study material, catering and loving aftercare (the trainer remains available for questions, supprt and brainstorming)
  • Participants: 10 - 20
  • Target Group: Anyone who wants to moderate debates that are both more fun ánd more effective.
  • Learnings: Taking charge and giving space at the same time. Making all viewpoints and arguments heard in a structured, yet inviting way. Choose the most effective debate-format for the occasion.

This workshop is a great next level to the Workshop Mastering Moderation and combines very well with the Workshops Interactive Work Formats and Strategic Engagement Design. But is can also be done stand-alone.

The workshop is taught by experienced moderator and debate specialist Rick van der Kleij.

Our trainers and coaches are full-professionals, who are on stage themselves on a regular basis. They will share anything (really anything!) they know.

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A great debate is more than a series of quirky oneliners
We all know these debates: participants are trying very hard to make a fool of the others, by using smart ass wisecracks. Whereas a functional debate should lead to new and deeper insights, thanks to debate moderator and creative format.

What are we going to do?

You will try, and try again; theory will be put into practice. You will alternate the roles of debater, debate moderator and debate-designer.

Moderation How to keep grip on things and how to avoid the most common debate-pitfalls? How to make sure that everybody is involved and that te debate leads to a real outcome?

Work formats From the classic political debate, to the energetic House of Commons debate or our own ConsensIQ debate. You'll learn to moderate various formats. And you'll find out which formats works best for what purpose.

Thesis No debate without a sharp, well-constructed thesis. We will teach you how to apply the basic rules.

Seating Every debate is dependant on a suitable space and set-dressing. We will show you which seating has what effect.

Workshop Debate moderation

Registration and questions
  • Moderate debates to be in charge
  • Construct an effective debate program
  • Come up with a perfect thesis
  • Learn how to choose the most effective format

Photo by Jean Wimmerlin & Shelagh Murphy on Unsplash

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