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  • Upcoming dates: Upon request.
    This training can be done remotely and/or individually
  • Investment: € 849,= (+VAT), including study material, catering and loving aftercare (trainer remains available for questions, support an brainstorming)
  • Participants: 1-6
  • Target Group: Anyone who designs meetings & events on a regular and professional basis. A solid expreience in designing and organising meetings is desirable.
  • Learnings: Plan meetings more strategically, build a clear objective, Design for effectivity, step by step. Apply interactive formats strategically, for more engaged participants.

This workshop combine very well with the Workshop Interactive Work Formats. All our Meeting Design workshops are based on our vision on Meeting Design.

Our trainers and coaches are full-professionals, who are on stage themselves on a regular basis. They will share anything (really anything!) they know.

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A meeting will only be succesful, when it's designed with dedication and love
Participants, objective and the moderator: they become one, when every element in the program is designed to add value to the whole.
Meeting design is about the order of elements, about form and function of content, about timing and about well-chosen interaction; all building up to the desired outcome.

What are we going to do?

In this workshop you will be working on one of your events (preferably one that is still under construction). You will go home with a sound basis for a re-calibrated program, that will be both fun and effective. You will deepen your meeting design skills.

Topics that will be adressed:

Setting the objective Any meeting can only be effective, when the impact that it aims for is completely clear.

Target groups Who will be there, or who do you wánt to be there? How will you service all stakeholders?

Time-schedule What element in the line-up has which function? How will you set sub-objectives? Which steps are needed towards reaching the goal? How will you design a red line for each participant?

Creativity Surprise yourself and your participants, while still offering solid content? Which overall concept and which work formats will bring the desired effect?

Venue and seating Which space, which seating and which set-dressing work best, in your specific case?

Workshop Strategic Engagement Design

Registration & questions
  • Je bijeenkomst strategisch vormgeven
  • Je doel verder leren aanscherpen
  • Een effectieve opbouw in je programma
  • Bewuste keuzes die leiden tot een echte uitkomst

Picture: Jess Bailey on Unsplash

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