• Upcoming workshop dates:
    • 23 & 24 January 2025 Madrid/Spain.
      You can combine this workshop with the Workshop Interactive Work Formats at a special combined rate of € 1750 (+VAT). Note: the self-employed get 35% discount.
    • Early 2025: South Africa and/or USA
    • We're open to any invitation/co-production in any country.
  • Investment: € 1535,= (+VAT). The self-employed get 35% discount. Including study material, certificate, catering and loving aftercare (trainers remain available for questions, tips & trics).
  • Particpants: minimum 10, maximum 20
  • Target Group: All who want to become a (better) moderator; who want to understand what this profession is all about, play a more profound role and strengthen their skills.
  • Learnings: how to make a true connection, bring energy, take & keep control, play various roles and reach the goal of the meeting.

Our trainers and coaches are full-professionals, who are on stage themselves on a regular basis. They will share anything (really anything!) they know.

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You'll learn how to truly BE a moderator: effective, authentic, dynamic
As a moderator, your full focus is on the participants. You observe, dance and feel the vibe. You're goal driven, radically neutral and a leader-servant.
But most importantly: you are YOU! We see to many people on stage who ACT being the moderator.
We will teach you how to balance all these aspects and to make a real connection.

What are we going to do?

Practice, practice and practice even more. Practicing is the only way of mastering the job of being a moderator. In two intensive days we train all the basic skills of the job.

Tone, pace and style Pick the right dynamic in any situation.

Moderation You will gain experience with techniques & tricks that will help you to bring participants get into real conversations with each other.

Q&A How to manage a room full of questions? How to make sure the content remains on target?

Nightmares Every moderator will encounter challenges. The unstoppable speaker, the silent crowd, the endless question, verbal aggression ... we will cover them all.

Interviewing No matter if you're interviewing one person, moderating a panel or engaging a large audience, the on-stage interview is a profession in itself.

Stage Presence How is your appearance on stage and which vibe do you give your audience? You want to feel confident and move smoothly through the room.

MC-ing How to write good announcements & introductions? You’ll learn how to make content-driven choices, how to choose the right tone.

Meeting design What is your role in the event? How will you deploy interaction and your skills effectively?

Panel Moderation This is one of the most chosen ánd one of the most problematic types of conversation in meetings & events. We will teach you how to make it work and how to align content ánd energy.

Gamification More often, playful formats are chosen to present content. You will learn to find your inner show-host, when a quiz or awardshow needs to be presented.

The many faces of a moderator you are Master of Ceremony, interviewer, (talk)show-host, debate-leader, meeting designer, quizmaster ... and so much more.

Tricks of the trade A long list of small, yet very important tips & trics.

In the workshop, you will play multiple, alternating roles: that of the moderator, the participant, the speaker, the meeting-owner. Everything you learn will also be applicable online.
We will work in various work formats, so you will learn how to use and moderate those on the go.

Workshop Mastering Moderation

Registration & questions
  • 2500+ happy participants
  • 10+ years the most booked and highest rated workshop in the profession
  • Seasoned moderators share their skills
  • Small groups, individual attention
  • Directly applicable learnings
  • Practise, practise, practise
  • Intensive, interactive, inspirational

I would do the same workshop again, in a heartbeat. It improved my moderation skills, but also changed me in my personal and professional life. A profound experience.

Martijn Winkler Dutch Directors Guild

It was very special. I never learned so much in two days.

Susanne Altenberg Head of Unit European Parliament

To those who recognize that the moderator cán make a difference, this workshop is perfect. The most experienced pro's take you on this journey, personal and interactive. I've learned so much, had so much fun and gained valuable skills and tools.

Arvid Buit Executive coach

It was one of the best courses I have attended! I loved everything: structure, length, practise.

Sofia Liasi Mediq International

From the word go I was challenged and stretched. The training was intensive, the quality of the material and the trainers outstanding and the amount learned was phenomenal. It was both a pleasure and privilege to see them firing on all cylinders.

Gijs Hillman International keynote speaker
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Together, we make the best match!

We know our moderators better than anyone. We understand your needs. We will gladly help you find the best solution.