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  • Upcoming dates:
    • Fall 2024, Madrid/Spain. We will do a shorter version of the workshop in the morning at a rate of € 325 (+VAT). You can combine this workshop with the Workshop Mastering Moderation at a special combined rate of € 1750 (+VAT). Note: the self-employed get 35% discount.
    • The full workshop will be planned upon request. Let us know, when you're interested. We are open for co-production or in-company sessions.
  • Investment: € 595,= (+VAT). The self-employed get 35% discount. Including study material, catering and loving aftercare (trainers remain available for questions, tips & trics)
  • Deelnemers: Minimum10, maximum 30.
  • Target group: Anyone who wants to design better meetings, who wants to modernise traditional set-ups and who wants to unleish the power of engagement.
  • Learnings: You'll be taught how to bring energy and effectivity into your meetings & events. Your formats will be more creative & active, your participant will be more engaged.

This workshop combines very well with the Workshop Strategic Engagement Design.
If you want to bring the learnings to stage as a moderator, take a look at our Workshop Mastering Moderation.

Our trainers and coaches are full-professionals, who are on stage themselves on a regular basis. They will share anything (really anything!) they know.

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Participants want to participate. They want to matter!
Research shows that sitting and listening is by far the worst way of learning new things. People's actions and attitudes will only change, when you make them experience why changing their ways is important.

Therefor it's very important to start redesigning the ways we meet. More energy and more engagement bring more effect.

What are we going to do?

We will help you investigate and experience how interactive formats make your traditional meetings more fun, more energetic and more effective.
You will learn which posibilities/tools to choose from and how to use them. In that way you will help speakers share their information more effectivily and ensure that the participants process and apply the learnings better.

  • Alternatives for speakers: other formats to inform and inspire.
  • Conversational formats: panel, talkshow, interview, campfire, open space, world café … which do you use and how?
  • Interactive work formats: bodyvoting, buzzing, storytelling, networking, peer2peer formats ... get participants active and in contact with each other
  • Networking & co-creation: participants get to know each other and help each other
  • Micro-moderation: easy and quick engagement with participants.

Workshop Interactive Work Formats

Registration & questions
  • Average rating 8.8
  • Experienced meeting designers share their knowledge
  • Directly and easily applicable
  • Design better, more effective meetings
  • Happy engaged participants guaranteed
  • High-speed testing of many creative formats

Too many tips to mention. Energetic, very experienced trainer, sharing many exemples. Learned so many new things. So much more is possible!

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