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  • Upcoming workshop dates: 14 & 15 December, The Netherlands.
  • Investment: € 1390,= (+VAT). The self-employed get 35% discount. Including study material, catering and loving aftercare (trainers remain available for questions, tips & tricks).
  • Participants: minimum 8, maximum 14
  • Target Group: for all those who want to become better at leading meetings within organisations; both the day-to-day and one-offs (strategy-meetings, teammeetings etc.)
  • Learnings: what do well-guided meetings look & feel like and how to make that happen. How to facilitate with the three E's: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Energy.

Would you like to fill your toolkit even further, take a look at the Workshop Interactive Work Formats.

The workshop is taught by author and experienced facilitator/meeting-designer Mike van der Vijver.
Our trainers and coaches are full-time professionals, who facilitate meetings themselves as their main activity. They will share anything (really anything!) they know.

Composition exercise
Suits in motion
Thumb fight
The comfort zone is comfortable. But not always effective
Facilitating meeting is far too often done on auto-pilot. We do as we always did it and just suffer in silence. With just some minor adjustments we can create huge impact, resulting in better and far more effective meetings.

What are we going to do?

Practice, practice and practice yet more. Practicing is the only way you will be able to master facilitation skills. Get ready for two days that will challenge you and give you lots of energy at the same time!

Tone, pace and style Discover your own default and capitalize on it. Learn from the defaults of your fellow participants.

The value of facilitation The role, tasks and competencies of the meeting facilitator.

Content and process How to give responsibility for the content to the meeting participants and take responsibility for the meeting process.

Conventions in meetings Establish a ‘meeting hygiene’ that is helpful in achieving the meeting’s purpose.

Activities What are typical things meeting participants need to do in the meeting? What is more effective, efficient and what creates energy?

Tools and formats A run-down of possible formats for the typical activities in meetings, such as creating ideas or gathering and classifying participants’ opinions.

Difficult participants Every meeting has them – people whose purpose in life seems to be to ruin your meeting. How do you deal with them respectfully?

Non-verbal communications and presence How do participants perceive you? And how can you influence the dynamics in the meeting room without speaking?

Seating What is the most effective seating arrangement for the kind of activity your participants need?

Ice-breakers The sense and non-sense of ice-breakers.

Gamification More often, playful formats are chosen to present content. You will learn to find your inner show-host.

Tricks of the trade A long list of small, yet very important tips & trics.

In this workshop, each participant will facilitate and receive personalized feedback. In other practice rounds you will take the role of participant, experiencing first-hand what the effect of a different kind of facilitation is.
Everything you learn will also be applicable hybrid & online.

Workshop Facilitation Skills

Registration and questions
  • Already dozens of workshops worldwide
  • High participant satisfaction
  • Better, more effective meetings on a daily basis
  • Big picture ánd details
  • Learning by doing
  • Individual attention

The feedback from the team was that they all found this training very helpful, relevant and useful for their day-to-day work. Engagement with the team was extremely good from a personal and technical perspective.

Christian Eichner Qatar National Bank

The programme has given us revolutionary improvements in our internal meetings. This programme stands out as the best HR investment in our organization of recent years. 40-50 senior managers rated the Return on Investment for their efforts on ”curing” our meetings between 20% and 70%.

Giorgio Treves Head of HR and Member of the Board of Volkswagen Financial Services, Italy.
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