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Sandy Nijhuis Best Event Awards: bringing energy, creating magic

In late November, we were at the Best Event Awards as we are every year. We're in charge of all the moderating and the design of all content-sessions.

The annual Best Event Awards are like The Oscars for the Event Industry. The best in class worldwide events get to pitch before a jury on the thursday. On friday evening, everyone dresses up for Award Night. And in between, there's room for networking and content session on the friday.

On the first day, we keep the energy up and stay on schedule while projects pitch to the jury. We had Hans Etman, Maciej Kautz, Rick van der Kleij and Roxana Lupu moderating four rooms, and it went smoothly.

On the second day, our moderators facilitated deepdiving into the content, using a variety of engaging formats.

During the award show, our colleagues Maciej Kautz and Sandy Nijhuis combined a speedy and celebrative run of show with some real engagement with the audience. There was dancing and spontaneous singing, bringing magic to an already brilliant show.

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