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  • Upcoming dates: This workshop will be planned upon request. Let us know, when you're interested. Workshop length: 3 hours.
  • Investment: € 195,= (+VAT).
  • Participants: 10-30
  • Target Group: anyone with no or little experience in Meeting Design.
  • Learnings: A fair number of simple tips & trics to make meetings & events more fun, more valuable and more effective.

This workshop combines very well with the Workshop Interactive Work Formats.
Our trainers and coaches are full-professionals, who are on stage themselves on a regular basis. They will share anything (really anything!) they know.

What are we going to do?

The central question that you will be answering is WHAT needs to be adressed WHY, WHEN for WHOM and by WHO, WHERE and in WHICH WAY?

In three hours (online), all these W's will be adressed and you will find answers to each segment of the question. You will learn to use some practical, simple and effective quick wins.

Workshop Basic Engagement Design

Bookings and questions
  • Easy to use tips & trics
  • Effortless design of a better meeting program
  • A first step towards becoming a professional Meeting Designer

Picture: Halacious op Unsplash

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