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On your way up, you can choose from a number of types of coaching, which will all de tailored to your needs. When none of these options seem to fit, we will design you a completely personalised program.

The options are:

  • Event-prep: we will help you prepare for an upcoming event.
  • Event-evaluation: together we will look back at one of your preformances, discuss learnings & feedback.
  • Skills-coaching: we adress a specific skill or part of the moderator-job, that you want to take to the next level.
  • Master Track: when you're a moderator with a fairly broad experience, we'll gladly help you with the finishing touch.
  • Coaching on demand: we will design a coaching-track, completely tailored to your needs.
  • Coaching by the hour: Single hours, on demand. You can also buy a credit card.


Together with you personal coach, you will prepare one of your performances. You will be in charge of what you need:

  • Going through program and line-up, in search of pitfalls, challenges and opportunities to make a difference.
  • Preparation of an interview, an interaction-format, a panel, etc.
  • Looking for the Red Line in your moderations.
  • Determining tone-of-voice, pace and style thoughout the event.
  • Structuring content.
  • Coming up with creative formats.
  • Etc.
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The package costs € 500,= based on 3 hours of coaching (and if we run a bit late, we won't start charging immediately).
The self-employed get a 35% discount.


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We will help you to learn from experience. Together, we will pick one meeting-moderation, to analyze and assess.
The feedback can cover the event in general, or it can focus on specific aspects of the profession, that you want to foster and grow.

There are two basic options:

  • Your personal coach visits a (part of) performance. He/she can sidecoach you on the spot and/or give feedback after the show.
  • You send us recordings of a gigg, which we will analyze together.

This evaluation costs € 500,= for (roughly) three hours. The self-employed get a 35% discount.


Moderation requiers a set of very different skills and maybe there's a specific one that you want to adress: interview, meeting design, use of voice or bodylanguage, hosting an awardshow or quiz, online moderation ... You name it.
We will gladly design you a personal development plan.

Costs are € 200,= per hour (self-employed get 35% discount)

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Master Track

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This service is available to the experienced moderators, that we feel could grow to the Masters in Moderation level. Or for those full-professional colleagues, who are up for challenge and growth.

The Master Track start with an intake. Visiting and assessing a performance is part of this (see Event-evaluation). Costs for the intake are € 500,=.
If you are subsequently admitted to the Master Track, this amount will be settled in the total amount.

The Master Track costs € 7500,= and will take a full year. You will be assigned a personal trainer.
Based on the intake, we will advise you on the design of the track. Elements could be:

  • Prepare, analyze and evaluate performances; live or video-footage.
  • Coaching sessions.
  • Working sessions, practicing specific skills. When effective, we will hire external specilists.
  • Advice on your proposition and market-opportunities.
  • Etc.

After - succesfully - completing the track, you will receive a Master Certificate, including a digital logo.

Coaching on demand

If the options above don't fit like a glove, if you are looking for a combination or if your needs are completely different, we will galdly design you a personal coaching track.

Costs are € 200,= per hour; get 4 - pay 3.
(Once again: 35% discount for the self-employed)

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Coaching by the hour

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Sometimes you just want a quick word, ask a simple question or quickly practice a small detail. In that case, you can always call or email us.

The first 15 minutes are always for free (and a quarter of an hour may well be 19 minutes).
After the meter started running, you pay € 100,= per half hour. For just € 750,= you get a credit of 10 half hours.
(35% discount for the self-employed)

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Together, we make the best match!

We know our moderators better than anyone. We understand your needs. We will gladly help you find the best solution.

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