Gone are the days when governments could unilaterally implement plans, management dictated terms from above, and stakeholders passively agreed. Today, we participate, collaborate, and co-create to enhance our world, our communities, and our workplaces.

Participatory meetings can range from smooth and harmonious to challenging, with clashes in opinion and interests. Success in such meetings is significantly higher when they are well-designed and expertly facilitated – a forte of our moderators.

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Conducting a participatory meeting requires special skills from the moderator
The moderator:
Navigates diverse interests and sensitivities.
Adapts methodologies throughout the process.
Fosters a safe environment for all participants.
Encourages contributions from quieter members.
Maintains focus on objectives while respecting all participants and permitting constructive deviations.

Our team

Some of our moderators are specialists in the design and facilitation of participatory meetings. Whether the task is unifying a group or navigating contentious sessions, our team possesses the requisite experience and skills to guide you to success.

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Hans Etman

Marion van der Voort

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Asa Lindell

Kamille Kres

Mike van der Vijver

Perle Laouenan - Catchpole

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A successful participatory meeting starts with good meeting design
We collaborate with you to create the most effective programme:

Optimal set-up and structure
The most effective methods & formats for various stages
Effective communication of information and input-gathering strategies
Impact of venue and room arrangement on outcomes
Set-up lighting, sound, and stage to enhance the meeting experience.
And more

Inspiration and information

We regularly publish insightful articles on participation, offering a treasure trove of information.\

Participation or polarisation: 13 tips to prevent bloodshed

9 tips for an Introvert-Inclusive meeting

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