Oceanography 2021 behing desk Desiree CU
Oceanography 2021 behing desk Desiree

"Desiree is very professional: attentive to our needs as organizer and responsive to participants' expectations. She is indeed an excellent moderator. She's naturally gifted to create the best conditions for group discussions, but she's also very dedicated and serious in her preparation." Pierre Bahurel, CEO Mercator Ocean

Given het scientific background and natural energy, Desiree Hoving was the perfect fit to moderate for Mercator Ocean International. They organised an international workshop on ocean forecasting for the United Nations UNESCO-IOC.
This was a first in the history of ocean forecasting, with enthousiastic participants from all over the globe. Organizing was a challenge well met by Desiree, with 6 intense sessions over 3 days.

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