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Hans Etman Coca Cola - Café Vergnano

When a small family-run business starts cooperating with a multinational soft drink brand, that offers opportunities to both; and challenges. Hans Etman moderated the conversation between probably the best coffee of Italy and the real cola, using some surprising & effective formats.

The most important question for both management teams was: are the two cultures a match? And if so, how?
The mission within the mission was to create a safe-zone, needed to dream together: which shared dreams will form the basis for a joint future? How do you want to be mentioned in the newspapers in 10 years time?

Hans came up with a series of original formats and moderated them in his typical calm and sensitive way.
In a open atmosphere, with al lot of humor, the needed familiar atmosphere was created, also including the new family-members. Dialogue included topics from both sides, everyone laughed at each others jokes.
There was a cardgame with rules that were made up along the way. And both management teams agreed that soft drink and espresso taste better when drank seperately, instead of the mix made by Hans himself.

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