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You want your online event to be succesful, right? Then bring in a moderator!
Either a professional one, or someone from your organisation who is well trained for the job.

Here are 10 reasons, why a moderator is crucial to the success of your event.

1. Energy

Your moderator can bring the extra energy that is desperately needed, online.
By setting the pace, interacting and doing some little exercises, participants will stay fresh longer.

Also, she will constantly monitor the level of energy.
If needed, he will take action by making little changes to the program or maybe adding a power-break.

2. Connection

If you’re in a room together, almost automatically you will form a group. Online, this is different, because everyone is watching ‘home alone’.
The moderator will merge all these individuals into what I like to call a temporary tribe. Once you feel part of a group, you will surely be more concentrated and less likely to leave.

3. Culture

The concept of the Temporary Tribe also is about culture. In order to make a meeting succesful, participants need to know what the Rules of Engagement are for this specific event. The moderator will be the guardian of this culture.

4. Make it human

The risk of going online is that it will be about technology only. Your moderator will constantly reach out to your participants.
Showing them, that they exist and that they are important.

After all, every human being wants to be seen, heard and loved. A great online moderator will have plenty of tricks up the sleeve, to make sure about this.

5. Inclusion

When online, the risk of participants not feeling included or not feeling safe to share is enormous.
It’s the moderators’ job to make sure to pay attention to every individual, every once in a while, providing trust to all.
And yes, that can also be done with hundreds of participants!

6. Make it effective

You organize your event for a reason. You want ROI. The moderator will find ways of making participants open up to content, digest it and put it into practise.

7. Focus

Online makes it hard for participants to stay focussed for a longer period of time. Choosing the right form of engagement at any given time through the event will do wonders.

A great moderator will know exactly what to do when, to keep everyone concentrated. By directing their focus. Or by allowing them to relax for moment, using breaks deliberatly.

8. Design

Your moderator will not only help you ‘read’ the event, while in progress. She or he will also help you in the design phase of the project.

After all, a seasoned moderator has ‘been there, done that’. Moderators know how to build an effective program.
And when to choose which kind of engagement or what type of interaction format.

9. Leadership

Once your event is on the road, you need someone to be in charge.
You and your participant will be in the safe hands of the moderator, taking on responsibillity for everything running smoothly

10. Fun

Laughing, fooling around, playing … having fun. This will make everything better, including online events.
The moderator will make people laugh, cheer, do spontaneaous shout-outs. All to make them more happy, fresh and connected.

If you have any questions about meeting moderation, interaction or engagement – live or online – feel free to contact us.
Masters in Moderation is happy to help.

Jan-Jaap In der Maur

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