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Masters in Moderation want to provide every meeting and event with the moderators and/or facilitators it deserves. Our goal is to (help) increase the success of the meeting, both for the host and the participants.
Our inside knowledge of the trade, the art of moderation and the profiles of our moderators allow us to help you find the perfect candidate

It is our belief that a successful meeting consists of three elements: a clear objective, an effective meeting design and great moderation, to make it really happen ‘on stage’.


In finding you the perfect moderator for your meeting or event, we have four crucial criteria: skills, personality, type of event and relation to the subject. We constantly monitor our moderators on these elements, not only scanning their professionalism, but also their strong and weak points.

Skills: Meeting-moderation is a very diverse profession. So diverse that no moderator can excel at all skills involved. By looking at the required skills for each occasion, we will be able to make the match.

You might be looking for a great debater, interviewer, interaction facilitator, master of ceremonies, panellist, Q&A moderator, timekeeper, improviser etc., in any given combination.

Personality: Your moderator may have all the skills required, but if the audience simply dislikes him, all’s for nothing. That’s why it’s crucial to match the moderators’ character (we call it their default settings) to that of your guests.

To get a maximum score on your objectives, you may need to make a choice between dominant and modest, friendly and sharp as a razor, dynamic or laid back, provocative or inviting, funny or analytic.

Type of event: Every kind of meeting requires a different type of moderator. We take into account whether you organize an award show full of happy people or a town hall meeting with an angry mob … or any kind of meeting you can think of.

Relation to the subject: On some occasions, it’s very important that the moderator knows the subject, on others the laymen’s view will add value. Sometimes someone from within the organization will get the best connection to the participants, sometimes the impartial outsider will do the trick. Maybe a celebrity can get your guests in the right mood, maybe a professional moderator will make them feel taken seriously.

The choice depends on what is expected from the moderator. Often, we will be able to provide you with the right candidate; or we can coach your own moderator. And sometimes our professionals may not be the right option.