• Upcoming dates: Upon request
  • Investment: € 495 (+VAT). The self-employed get a 35% discount.
  • Participants: Minimum 8. Maximum 25 (above 15 we'll work with two trainers).
  • Target Group: Anyone who professionally organizes/moderates participative events and who wants to guarantee a succesful meeting, embracing opposite stances, interests and viewpoints.
  • Learnings: How to apply participation effectively and on target. You'll discover how to design such a meeting and how to execute it confidently.

This workshop combines perfecty with the Workshop Interactive Work Formats and the Workshop Stategic Engagement Design.

Our trainers and coaches are full-professionals, who are on stage themselves on a regular basis. They will share anything (really anything!) they know.

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Participation may hurt, but there doesn't have to be blood
Too often, participation ends up in polarisation; participants drift apart. At the same time not often enough, we manage to turn opposite opinions into a fruitful dialogue.
The objective doesn't have to be to reach full consensus. What helps is when every individual feels heard and when everyone involved understand how the final outcome came about.

What are we going to do?

In an intensive, practical half-day training, you will work on concrete cases. You will practise (a lot!), guided by a professional moderator, who specializes in exactly these kind of meetings.

Meeting Design What is the objective of the meeting? How to build up to the desired outcome? Who will speak at what moment? What info will you share when?

Work formats Which format will you use at what point in time? And why; how do you choose the best format for the occasion?

Seating Which room set-up do you choose and why? What is the role of light and sound?

Moderation What is the moerators' role? How do you take (and keep) control? How can you read the room?

Non-verbale communication Which tone, pace and style have which effect? What do you radiate: body language, use if voice, etc?

Emotions How to handle erupting emotions; agression even? How to remain radically neutral? What role does security play?

Workshop Participation or Polarisation

Registration and information
  • Design a better program
  • Create room for all viewpoints
  • Being in control, without using power
  • Handle explosive meetings smoothly
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