• Upcoming dates: On request.
  • Investment: We differentiate self-employed moderators from corporate participants.
    • The self-employed pay € 500,= (+VAT). This includes 1 hour of additional coaching, official 'ConsensIQ certified moderator' logo, one time free use and 10% discount on all future use.
    • Corporate participants pay € 295,= (+VAT) individually or € 2500,= (+VAT) for a group of 30 people max.
  • Participants: 1 - 30
  • Target group: Anyone moderating or organising meetings & events, where dialogue and wisdom of the crowd are leading.
  • Learnings: Use ConsensIQ dialogue tool to the max; technically, creatively and contentually.

Jou can also use our dialogue tool ConsensIQ without training. On demand, we are glad to provide you with a professional moderator and/or tech-support.

Consens IQ logo alt certified colour
The succes of any tool is fully dependant on the moderator
A great tool only adds value, when it's used wisely. Even more so, since ConsensIQ goes beyond where regular voting-tools take you..
ConsensIQ deploy doubt and progressive insight to dig deeper into the wisdom of crowds. It will provide you with more accurate prognoses, deeper understanding of dilemma's and widely supported decisions.

What are we going to do?

In a series of pretend-votings you will get to know and understand the added value of the tool. The workshop will teach you two important aspects:

How to deploy ConsensIQ most effectively from the contentual standpoint How to formulate effective questions? What kind of questions work well (or not)? For which kind of issues is ConsensIQ the wise choice? Etc.

How does it work technically? How to opload questions? How to operate the tool onstage? How to edit questions pending the dialogue? Etc.

ConsensIQ Moderator Certificate

Registration & questions
  • Better conversation in groups with our innovative dialogue tool
  • Know your way around the tech, also by mobile phone
  • Knowledge of most effective use
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Together, we make the best match!

We know our moderators better than anyone. We understand your needs. We will gladly help you find the best solution.