Our workshops are praised for their applicability, interactivity and fun. We already trained hundreds of people and everybody gave us a high rating. Our workshop 'Mastering Moderation' has a NetPromoterScore of more than 80 and we have an average rating of 9+.

Whatever workshop you choose, we always promise:

  • We work in small groups.
  • A lot of personal attention on your own level.
  • Practise, practise and practise even more.
  • You experience how your behavior will affect a meeting.
  • Our trainings are playfull, challenging and hard work.
  • Incompany trainings are customized.
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Overview of workshops & training

Mastering Moderation

Being a moderator is a profession that is best learned by doing. This practical 2-day workshop lets you practise all aspects of being a moderator and is led by two experienced moderator-trainers.

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Workshop Interactive Workformats

Participants of events won't accept 5 minutes of Q&A or an endless row of speakers, these days. They want to truely participate and they want to matter! These fully interactive workshops help you to change meetings, from speaker-oriënted to participant-centric.

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Workshop Interactive Meeting Design

An effective meeting or event is strategically planned, into every single detail. This workshop will teach you hów, working on one of your own (future) cases.

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Online & Hybrid Moderation

With online meetings, different rules apply than with meeting on stage. As a moderator you will need other techniques and the meeting has to be designed differently. This training helps you take important steps to a succesfull online meeting.

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Personal coaching / mentoring

We would love to help you to take the next step in your development, by individual coaching.

This coaching can consist of:

  • Training of specific skills, you would like to develop
  • The preparation of a specific meeting. You decide what you need: Which pitfalls there are and how to avoid them? About which subjects are you still insecure? Do you need to find a creative format, for a certain moment during the meeting?
  • Evaluation of an event. Your coach can attent the meeting live or you can evaluate the recordings together.

The costs are € 200,= per hour (plus VAT). On request we can agree on a longer mentoring-period, with a fixed price.

For more advanced moderators there is also a 'Masters Track' available.

Masters Track

This program is available for moderators with experience, from whom we think that they can grow to a professional 'Masters in Moderation-level'. Or for professionals colleagues that are looking for a new challenge and who are looking or professional growth.

The program starts with an intake. Visiting and debriefing an event or meeting which you moderate, is part of this intake. The costs are € 500,= (plus VAT). These costs will be deducted from the total costs, when you are admitted to the 'Masters Track'.

The 'Masters Track' costs € 7500,= and will take one year. A personal trainer will be appointed to you for the whole program. Based on the intake, we propose how to design your personal track. Some examples of potential elements are:

  • Preparing, visiting and debriefing an event or meeting together; live or with video-footage.
  • Coaching sessions.
  • Working sessions aimed at specific skills. We will hire external trainers if needed.
  • Advice about your proposition and business opportunities.

At the end of the year and with proven results, you will get your 'Masters Certificate', including a digital logo to use in your marketing communication.

In-company training and workshops

Wij can also provide in-company training and workshops. We are happy to customize your program or combine workshops and trainings to meet your needs.

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  • Workshops for every element of the profession
  • Tailormade in-company trainings
  • Personal coaching and group-training
  • For beginners and advanced level
  • Hands-on, hard work and fun