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In our blog post series, 'TV Shows x Emcees', we're not just about appreciating the arts of television. We're also about extracting insights and lessons that can improve our real-life professional skills. This time, we're shifting our attention to office meetings and how they're conducted – or mis-conducted – in the cult-favorite TV show, 'The Office’.

Let's take a look at an episode of 'The Office' (USA) that can teach us a lot about what not to do in a professional setting, especially when it comes to meetings. The episode in focus is 'Shareholder Meeting', the eleventh episode of the sixth season​.

This episode sees Michael Scott, the well-meaning but often misguided manager of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch, invited to a shareholder meeting in New York City. He brings along a few of his employees - Andy, Dwight, and Oscar - for the ride. As they arrive, they're met with an agitated crowd of shareholders unhappy with the company's management​1.

Lesson 1: Be Prepared, Have a Plan

During the meeting, Michael impulsively announces a 45-day plan to fix the company's predicament, despite not having a concrete plan to back his words. This teaches us the importance of preparation. When moderating a meeting or a discussion, always have a plan. Always do your homework. Being unprepared can lead to impulsiveness, which often results in empty promises and disillusioned participants.

Lesson 2: Assert Authority When Necessary

In a parallel storyline, a character named Jim struggles with establishing his authority over a resistant coworker, Ryan, who persistently neglects his duties. In a move to show that he is serious about maintaining order and productivity, Jim reassigns Ryan to a minuscule workspace located in the kitchen. This unconventional act serves as a symbolic gesture, showing the entire office that lax work ethics will not be tolerated. While it's unlikely we'd need to employ such extreme methods in real life, this narrative underlines the necessity of asserting authority when required. Whether you're an emcee or a meeting facilitator, it's crucial to maintain control of the situation and ensure everyone is making valuable contributions.

Lesson 3: Voice Your Concerns, but Do It Right

Oscar, who had voiced his concerns about the company's spending, backs down when asked to present his grievances at the meeting, refusing to criticize the management to their faces​. This serves as a reminder that we mustn’t shy away from voicing our concerns or opinions, but we should do so constructively and professionally.
It's the moderator that should create an invironment to foster the open dialogue.

These are just a few of the lessons from 'The Office' that we can apply to professional emcees, moderators, or facilitators. Remember, every situation, no matter how seemingly absurd, can offer a lesson or two.

Want to up your moderating game? Join us at our upcoming workshops to learn more about enhancing your skills. Who knows, you might even avoid a "Michael Scott" moment in your next office meeting!


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