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Masters in Moderation provide education and coaching on every level: in groups and individual.

In some cases, there may be good arguments not to hire a professional. We will gladly help your own moderators to score just that little bit better.
Or you might want to become a professional meeting-moderator yourself: you have the talent, but not (all) the skills. We will let you benefit from the experience of our seasoned moderators.

MASTERING MODERATION, a workshop for conference moderators/facilitators

If you want to take the first, basic step to true professionalism, this fast-paced, high output  Workshop is the right move.
In a two-day training course you will receive lots of personal attention while you practise every aspect of the profession, under the supervision of the seasoned professionals Kim Coppes and Jan-Jaap In der Maur


On a regular basis, Masters in Moderation provide in-house workshops and coaching sessions;at all levels and tailor-made to the needs of your people.

Please let us know, if you want more information 

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Do you have some experience and do you want to take it to the next level? Or have you agreed to moderate a session and are you now terrified by the prospect? We can provide you with tailor-made coaching: education in general and/or training specific aspects of the profession; assisting you in preparing your next performance, side-coaching on stage or giving feedback on a moderating-job.

Please get in touch, if we can help you.

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Do you have a straightforward, specific question? Send us an email, and we will answer it; for free!

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