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Wolthuis & Bergsma

Wolthuis & Bergsma

The soundtrack of content


Femke Wolthuis and Eric Bergsma moderate some unique formats. They combine a sound journalistic approach with light humor, songs and music. The smile connects and relaxes, the music creates atmosphere without speaking.

Eric and Femke performing as a duo creates new formats: her journalistic bachground versus his tongue-in-cheek sens of humor. His piano, her voice. One of them on stage, the other teaming up with the participants. The options are endless.
Togethet, they moderate an expert-panel just as easy as interviewing the CEO. They bring the serious approach in a light tone, musically or even cabaretesk. Femke and Eric use the laws of TV and theatre to create a variety of concepts. Participants will be more engaged and concentrated.

Eric Bergsma is a talented pianist, composer and musical improvisor. Femke Wolthuis presented various Dutch news-shows and is seasoned in theatre too. Together, they are funny and dynamic!

Femke and Eric moderate in Dutch, English and German.


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