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Stefan Wijers

Stefan Wijers

Analytic and involved


Stefan stirs, disarranges, agitates, cherishes and comforts. He is always working on the right atmosphere to brainstorm, debate or get things done. He has the guts to be vulnerable, tempting others to really open up to conversation and look for the essence.

Stefan Wijers is at his best, when situations are precarious; when policy and governance collide. he is both analityc to proces & content and involved on the level of emotions. Stefan can help groups find consensus and take things to a next level, like noone else can. He speak the language of the politicians, as well as of the people, which makes him very versatile.

His favourite topics are: politics, government & legislation, telecom, media, healthcare, finance and the housing industry.

In 2013 Stefan Wijers won the award for 'Best meeting moderation of the year’. 



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