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Roy Sheppard

Roy Sheppard

Your cheapest insurance


Roy is not famous. And he’s happy with that because it’s his job to shine the spotlight on his clients – its never about him. Roy’s reputation for doing this within the international conference industry is very well established
indeed. Corporate and association clients book him again and again.

Roy is your cheapest insurance. If he’s involved in a project, you can rest assured that both speakers and participants are in the safest pair of hands around. Roy will do anything to make your meeting a succes, and he will do it briljantly: present, interact, interview, moderate panels, debate … you name it.

Roy has been on stage for 35 years, moderating large conventions, facilitating management meetings and hosting BBC live TV. This versatile professional can handle any topic, any crowd and any unexpected problem. You can just sit back and enjoy your event.


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