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Natalia Barrero Pelaez

Natalia Barrero Pelaez

Smart people fan


Natalia is a people person, a fan of human interaction and always seeking to understand human behaviour. She's a smart builder of bridges between people. As a moderator, she's all about better understanding, connecting and communication.

She approaches meetings and events by adressing the participant's emotions: their dreams, their fears, their love & hate. Energy and hapiness - in her view - are the only true ways to finding solutions and succes.

Natalia is an experienced meeting designer and a trained actrice, who engages naturally with audiences.
She's an expert trainer in Nonverbal Communication, effective sales techniques and high-impact presentations.
She's a teaching collaborator in various Management Training Programs, Business Schools and Chambers of Commerce. She teaches in various management programs, business schools and chambers of commerce.

Natalia speaks Spanish and English.


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