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Kim Coppes

Kim Coppes

Shrewd and gentle


Kim is both sharp and soft; as analytic as she is enchanting. She's versatile, in every sense of the profession. Her personality enables her to make contact to any group of people. She moderates at the same time relaxed, perceptive and with humor.
There's hardly any subject, she can't handle. Her ample experience make her suitable to any concept, being a huge conference setting or a small management meeting,  a substantive debate or a festive awardshow.

Kim is one of the masterminds-coaches at Mastering Moderation: a workshop for conference moderators-facilitators. Being a speakercoach, Kim will help your speakers sharpen their story and make them feel confident on stage.

Kim is a believer of the principle of 'billing to match financial capacity' and is willing to negotiate in particular with social institutions.



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