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Rick van der Kleij

Rick van der Kleij

Gentle giant


Rick van der Kleij is a powerful moderator, but will not force in on to his participants; like a gentle giant.
He seduces rather then thrusts, when challenging people to look beyond their initial belief. Rick will always search for the assumption, the dilemma and the plea behind the superficial point of view.
To do so, he will carefully listen, he will abstract the complexe and will keep on asking questions. Modest, yet resolute he will turn every debate into an open clash of ideas, rather then of people..

Even a conflict can be constructive, if all stakeholders speak their mind. Rick will help the participants to get a clear focus on the problem and to have a productive discussion on possible solutions.

Rick's favorite topics are: ethics, philosophy, politics, science, sustainablility, corporate governance and the new economy.

In 2013, Rick was voted the 'Most talented Dutch moderator of the year'.


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