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Zimmer Advisory Board

Zimmer Advisory Board


Roy Sheppard Roy Sheppard


Medical conference content can be highly complex. Roy is not medically trained, however he has facilitated many medical/pharma/medical devices conferences with great success.

For many years Roy facilitated detailed ‘blue-sky’ thinking Advisory Board meetings for Zimmer, the global orthopaedic implant manufacturer. Zimmer hand-picked leading professors of Orthopaedic Surgery from major research hospitals throughout Europe and the Middle East to discuss openly and candidly, the challenges they face, changes in their profession, budgetary constraints, training issues, new technology including the wider adoption of robotics in surgery.
These six hour meetings were highly technical and required detailed briefing. Roy’s brief was to ensure that the surgeons were encouraged to talk- while Zimmer executives LISTENED! These meetings were attended by members of the Zimmer board of directors, including the global President of the company.

Roy still works with the most senior UK and European executives and leading surgeons as a presentation coach.